MAVA 205  Creative Thinking in Design

Introduction to visual communication design in an interactive media environment: visualizing a catchword, visualizing actions referring to interface design, making a visual design by creating clever remark between object and a concept, creating interest on a point using non-textual visual metaphors, visualizing the relation between linear and non-linear structures. Credits: 3 Prerequisites: MAVA 104 or Consent of Instructor

MAVA 314  Design Thinking For Interactivity

Introduction to developing creative ideas for interaction design. Interaction Design Principles and breaking the rules in the principles. Re-reading of designs developed by ancient cultures for interpretation in interactive design. Design analysis within evolving technologies. Utilization of a workshop format: the description of the task, video-sketches presentation, individual and group  practice and critique, collective overall evaluation. Credits: 3 Prerequisites: (MAVA. 207 and MAVA.203 or MAVA.210) or  Consent of Instructor