research interests

interactive design theories, design education

Selected Research


  1. Koç University Arçelik, Research Center for Creative Industries, Budget: 3,000,000 Eur, Starting: 2015 Ends: 2020


  1. “Mime Based Creative Drama Implementations For Learning Gestural Shadow Mapping, funded by TUBITAK 1001- 112E056, Budget: 183.000 TL.
  2. “Monitoring & Control Center Touchless Gesture 3D Interactive HMI”, funded by KocSistem, Budget: 110.000 TL.
  3. “Future Game Design Software Interface” funded by Swedish KK Foundation, Budget: 500.000 EUR Duration: 5 years (2011-2016)
  4. ‘NaMoCAP” Natural Motion Capturing”, FP7-PEOPLE-2012-I APP Coordinator: Koc University,  Proposed Budget: 658,356 EUR
  5. Embedded  Sound: Turkish Calligraphic Inspiration for Gestural Interface, Artistic Research, Sponsor: Vestel Electronic Company, Grant: 4,000 EUR; 2010 (completed with 1 published AHI indexed article),
  1. Case Study on  Brechtian Model for Interactive Film, Sponsor: Advertising Foundation of Turkey, Grant: 5,000 EUR; 2010, (completed with 1 published AHI indexed article)
  2. Case Study on  Understanding Preferences of Interactive Viewing of Net  Generation,  2009
  3. Interface Design Criteria Improving  Info-Assistant System for Sailing, commissioned by National Research Foundation of Turkey (TUBITAK), Grant: 7,000 EUR; 2009 (completed with 1 published AHI indexed article)
  4. TR-ERA-IP-2007-220824-1-01 Accrediting  European Interactive Media Design Education, 3-years ERASMUS IP Project, Grant:  90,000 EUR; 2009, (completed with 1 published AHI indexed article)
  5. The Potential of Dyslexic Individuals in Communication Design Education, 2008 (completed with 2 published SCI indexed article)
  6. A case study on better iconographic design in electronic medical records’ user interface, commissioned by Istanbul Acibadem Hospital, First Aid Department, Grant:  20,000 EUR;  2007, (completed with 1 published SCI indexed article)
  7. From Post Office To “Public Communication Points, 2007, (completed with 1 published AHI indexed article)
  8. Curriculum Development for Interactive Media Design Education, 3- year researchproject,  Fulbright Vol-Visitor Program, Advisor: Prof. Dr. Richard Buchanan, The  Head of School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, Grant: 50,000 EUR; 2000, (completed with 1 published AHI indexed article)
  9. Mediaccess:  A  model  for  On-Line  Art and  Design Education , 2- year research project, funded by State Planning Department of Turkey (DPT), Grant: 250,000 EUR;   1997, (completed with 1 published AHI indexed article)
  10. “An Interactive Multimedia Application for Historical Transition of Topkapi Palace” funded by TUBITAK, National Science and Research Foundation, Budget Funds: 22,000 EUR; 1993

Sector Specific

  1. Koç University Arçelik, Reserach Center for Creative Industries, Budget: 3,000,000 Eur, Starting: 2015 Ends: 2020
  2. 3-D Interface  Design  for  Television Set, 2- year research project, commissioned by Vestel Electronics Research Lab., Budget: 30,000 EUR; Completed: 2008, US/EU  TR Design Registration: Applied 26.05.2008  Registration No: 2008/02946
  3. User Interface Usability Evaluation of Pardus Operating System, Research Order:  National Research Foundation of Turkey (TUBITAK), Budget: 20,000 EUR; Completed: 2009
  4. International Istanbul Sabiha  Gökçen Airport  Wayfinding  Design Guideline and  Design Supervision, 2- year research project, Research Order:  Vestel Electronics Research Lab., Budget Funds:  13,000 EUR,  Completed: 2009